Pistol Competition

Monthly Club Pistol event starts March19, 2023. This will be an opportunity to begin developing skills or practice range skills for those at any level and with any caliber of rim or center fire pistol. While the stages are set up to score timed accuracy, we shall require safe handling of weapons at all times. All participants will be expected to help with all aspects of the activity. All of the range activities for operation are relatively simple and will be explained. It shall be noted that while we refer to this as a competition for lack of a better term, the “competition” is more a personal growth of skill. We do keep score and these scores will be emailed to each participant, there are no trophies or end of year recognition. We do encourage an enthusiastic “high five “after the guns are put away.

We assure you that you will feel better about your monthly practice and ability to safely and accurately
handle your weapon.

Why Participate: If you own a pistol, you owe it to yourself and your family to make time for this activity. This event is a friendly and educational activity. A good way to hone your skills and promote safe practice. If you are a beginner each stage is relatively simple but allows you to develop accuracy and speed. If your more experienced the stages help you practice for similar events at other venues. Events are scored which are meant be translated to skill progress.

When: 4th Sunday of the month starting March 19, 2023 through October 22, 2023
Time: 9:30 am 12:00 pm
Number of stages: 3 possibly 4
Number of shots per stage: approx. 20 to 30 per stage
Caliber: any center fire or rim fire pistol
Experience level: all levels
Cost: $10.00 first score sheet for 3 / 4 stages. $5.00 each extra score sheet

Required participation: All will help set up, score, paste, & clean up. What we need to spread the work load
is for participants to show up at 8:30am to set up a stage. And some participants show up about 10:00 am
to shoot and be there to put targets back into storage. If only a few people show up then only one stage will
be set up and configured in different ways to be interesting and challenging.
A few of us have decided to do this event. We invite anyone to participate but there is not enough money
for us not to have help. The money only pays for the blown apart targets and frames. We barely break even
with the entry fee. If you are interested in this event and are willing to help then call or email me and I’ll
sign you up .. That does not mean you need to make a commitment to be there at every 4th Sunday.
Any questions about this event please call W Morgan 1 740 707 7964 or wmorganl@columbus.rr.com
If you have questions about what kind of equipment or procedure, I can give you a list.

Suggested equipment list

Gun: Probably the most popular would be a 9mm semi-automatic. However, any center fire and / or rim fire can used.

Bullets: Any ammunition that is recommended by the manufacturer is acceptable.

Gun sights: Open sights are the most popular However “red dot” and laser optics are gaining acceptability.

Magazine capacity: Any capacity is acceptable unless there are specific instructions for a particular stage that limits capacity. Other than that, it is a personal preference for the weapon that you may want to compete with or for personal protection.

The capacity is also dependent on the total number of shots you may need to make for a clean perfect stage. If you anticipating you might not be perfect then estimate how many extra bullets you will need. And the number of magazines you will need to carry all the bullets.

Having magazine pouches for all the magazines you plan to use during each stage will help with the reloading of the weapon during the stage of targets. Pick pouches that hold the magazine firm enough so they don’t bounce out but loose enough to be able to retrieve for a reload.  They should be located on the belt on the support side of the body. Probably opposite of the holster position.

Holster: This event starts from a low ready position however the only approved holster will be one that hangs to the side and has a trigger guard cover. No cross draw, shoulder, or pocket holster will be allowed at any stage.

Eye protection: Impact resistant safety glasses plus recommended side protection will be required at all times for competitors and guests.

Ear protection: Required at all times for competitors and guests.

Hats: yes

Shoes: Most stages require the participant to move to different positions. Shoes with firm control is highly recommended. No flip flops or open toed shoes are allowed.

Clothing:  Any clothing that does not prevent proper & safe handling of your weapon must be avoided. As example loose shirt tail getting hung up on a gun being drawn or put away is a potential disaster.  There will be very hot brass flying everywhere.  This is very distracting when dropping down an open neck shirt or anywhere else for that matter.

If there are any questions about anything included on this list or associated with this event Safety shall prevail. The range officer will have the final word about procedure. Any activity that can be interpreted as disruptive may cause an individual to be removed from the shooting stages and possibly from the club property.

There are club rules posted at the range stage buildings and they will be followed.

If anyone wants to take over this event they can contact Bill Morgan.  Targets, timers and frames are in storage. These can be made available to another in club group. Maybe by next spring a monthly pistol event can be organized.

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